Sunday Niagara


Niagara Drag Strip from 1961 to 1974

Welcome to this Sunday Niagara web site. I had long been planning to write a book about NIagara Drag Strip.

I have been taking computer lessons for nearly a year now. One of my instructors suggested doing a web site for the track. Tony never said that it would be difficult, it is. Rather than write a book, I decided that a web site would allow me to present more of the material that I have. The only items that will not be displayed will be the large newspapers and slingers that I cannot copy.

I am trying to get the information correct. If you see anything that is not correct, or if you have more information re a photo or slinger, etc., please send me an email and I will make the correction or addition. If you have photos of someone or thing that you do not see here email it to me and I will try to get it in.  If you see something that you want a copy of, let me know. I do have a lot of stuff that is original and would be willing to sell some of it.

I am waiting for Kirk Perry to get his Niagara Motorsport Museum in the Falls, up and running. If and when that happens, I would like to get much of this material to him for display.

You can email me at

And so it begins. Summer 1961

Well------- Originally it was called Niagara Airport Drag Strip.

Intermission entertainment at Niagara

Attention Canadian campers, this is your 1st wake up call.